Muhammed Al-Dulaimi

Turkey · Samsun, İlkadım · +90 552-499-9303 ·

Full Stack developer with 5+ industry experience building websites and web applications.

Most Notable Projects

Stoic Diary

A specific type of journaling that focuses on strengthening good habits

Composed of 3 sections: this application helps the user by providing them an objective perspective on how their day went


  • Simple and intuitive UX/UI
  • Mobile responsive
  • Keyboard navigation support
  • Diary entries API autocomplete support

Tech stack used:

  • Front End:
    • Vue, Vuex, Vue-Router, Vuetify
  • Back End:
    • Django, Django-rest-api, postgresql
  • Deployment:
    • Ubuntu, Nginx, Docker.

GPT Interactive Novel

A customizable interactive fiction novel that utilizes GPT. Playable straight from the terminal


  • Experience an interactive fiction novel with a clear beginning and end goal.
  • Choose your own story setting and theme.
  • Insert as many characters as you want to the story.
  • Choose your story length
  • Choose between choice based novels or free text novels

Tech stack used:

  • Open AI GPT API
  • Python

Messages Encryption And Decryption Web App

An app that encrypts and decrypts messages using a custom made symmetric-key algorithm.

I figured that using a popular crypt library would be too easy and I was interested in symmetric algorithms, so I created my own crypt library. The custom crypt library is not very secure, I recommend you use this app for entertainment purposes.


  • Generate a private key to safely encrypt your messages.
  • Save your encrypted message to the cloud.
  • Access and decrypt your encrypted message at any point and time using the previously generated private key.

Tech stack used:

  • Front End:
    • React, Redux.
  • Back End:
    • Node.js, Express, MySQL.
  • Deployment:
    • Heroku.


An online multiplayer version of the social party game

The game features a total of 11 roles. Games are intutive with seperate designs for mafia or town team.


  • Online hosted, no account creation necessary. Create a game to get a game code, then share that game code with people you want them to join.
  • No players cap. A minimum of 4 players are required (anything below 4 players would end the game in seconds) and you can play with as many players as you want (preferably 16 but this number depends on the capacity of the server)
  • Teams and roles are distributed with a carefully written algorithm that balances teams according to players and ensures every game is unique and different.
  • Total of 11 roles were implemented with 7 belonging to Town and 4 belonging to Mafia.

Tech stack used:

  • Front End:
    • React, Redux,
  • Back End:
    • Node.js, Express, MongoDB,
  • Deployment:
    • Ubuntu, Nginx, Docker.

Dental CRM

A custom solution for dentists to manage their every patients and business needs

The site is outfitted with patient records, treatments records, automatic accounting, expenses and incomes records and a dynamic drag and drop based appointments system


  • Create a patient record.
  • Add a treatment with automatic price population or manual price entry to patients
  • Create an appointment using the drag and drop based appointment system
  • Track expenses and income using the automatic accounting handler

Tech stack used:

  • Front End:
    • React, Redux, XLSX, ReactDnD,
  • Back End:
    • Node.js, Express, PostgresQL, JWT, Bcrypt
  • Deployment:
    • Ubuntu, Nginx, Docker.

Sahih AI

A Chat GPT plugin that retrieves authentic islamic hadiths based on the 6 sahih books


  • Ask GPT and receive authentic hadiths using natural language.

Tech stack used:

  • Open AI GPT API
  • Langchain
  • Pinecone
  • Sentence Transformer Embeddings

Pharmacies Joint Purchase System

A custom solution for a group of pharmacies. It enables them to pre-plan and make a joint purchase from wholesaler depos to reduce wholesale purchasing costs.

A great solution for all types of vendors, although it was customized for pharmacies. It allows them to submit a joint medicine purchase application that includes details of the purchase, await other pharmacies to participate in the purchase by submitting a join request and approve the application after the required purchase amount has been fullfilled.


  • Query a medicine list with over 7000 medicine names and barcodes.
  • Join another pending application, choose purchase total, so it can be added to the total purchase goal.
  • Submit an application with a specific total purchase goal and approve it once the goal has been met.
  • Get a transaction result for all respective participants depending on the purchase total.
  • Track and view reports of all applications and transactions made.

Tech stack used:

  • Front End:
    • React, Redux, Apollo-Client.
  • Back End:
    • Node.js, Express-GraphQL, MongoDB, JWT, Bcrypt.
  • Deployment:
    • Ubuntu, Nginx, Docker.


Programming Languages & Tools
  • LANGUAGES: Javascript, Typescript, Python, C#, PHP, Ruby
  • FRONT END: HTML, CSS, SASS, React, Redux, Apollo-Client, Vue.
  • BACK END: NodeJS, Express, GraphQL, Express-Graphql, Django, ASP.NET, Socket IO.
  • DATABASE: PostgresQL, MongoDB, MySQL, SQL Server.
  • MISC: HTML Templating Engines, Git, Docker, Jekyll, AWS, Ubuntu, Nginx.
  • Clean and maintainable code
  • Problem solving and Debugging
  • Team player
  • Agile Development


Frontend Developer


Frontend developer maintaining and developing multiple large platforms.

February 2022 - Present

Full Stack Developer


Lead Back End Developer for multiple large-scale projects

October 2021 - February 2022

Full Stack Developer


Freelanced as a Full Stack Developer building custom CRM solutions and web pages

November 2019 - October 2021

About Me

I was born in Iraq in 1998; I grew up loving videogames and computers. My first experience with a programming language was C++ at the age of 16.

I continued pursuing programming as a hobby, deciding to switch to Web Development since I enjoyed creating and sharing websites that can be accessed by anyone on the internet.

Beside Arabic being my mother tongue, I'm bilingual with English, since I learned it at a very young age.

I moved to Turkey in 2014, and have been living there for more than 8 years. I learned Turkish over this time span and can speak it at a high level

I like experimenting with new technologies.

I also enjoy learning about topics that interest me, mostly about computers, psychology and philosophy.